Designer Biography

Through experiences and interests, Aleksei Cruz would soon find out that design gave him purpose. As a designer born and based in Omaha, he would experience design processes that he wasn’t even aware of. In high school, Aleksei would doodle funny pictures in his notes as well as make music. These things all tie into the process of a designer, but Cruz wasn’t aware of that at the time. Little sketches are the first step to an idea that can change the world. Also, using his creativity to choose the perfect sounding instrument doesn’t stray from using it to choose a specific element that’s cohesive with his designs. 

As a current Studio Arts major at the University of Nebraska-Omaha, Aleksei was able to expand on his knowledge and learn about the processes it takes to design, from creating an event poster and seeing how it relates to creating music as mentioned earlier. Cruz also learned about various design styles and movements that contrast but have the ability to flow cohesively, which is a big part of his process and is incorporated well into his work. Cruz generally works in digital formats that then become pieces in the outside world meant to be interpreted for a targeted audience. His works are created in a concentrated environment in Omaha.

Aleksei creates designs for an array of audiences but some of his most notable work comes from helping build brands with over five small businesses in his community. From landscaping to services to non-profit organizations, He has the ability to expand and adapt his design so it can be at its most effective. Aleksei is currently freelancing and pushing himself to become a better designer by expanding his portfolio.