About Me

My name is Aleksei Cruz.
I'm currently a student at the University of Nebraska-Omaha. I'm obtaining my BASA with a concentration in Graphic design. The reason I am going to college is because of inspiration from my parents and the struggles they went through to get me in this position. I look to express my creativity the best I can whenever I am designing or creating. I love to listen to and make music, am an avid fan of sports, and am a gamer as well. I have experience with Adobe Creative programs as well as other programs outside of that. If you have any questions, critiques, or inquiries feel free to contact me via my email. alekseicruz85@gmail.com

Freelance Work
Working with local business owners over logos, 
advertising, and branding elements. 
Various printing and creation/physical visual duties.

UNO CEC student marketing worker
Designing various campaigns, data collection, 
and social media duties.

LA Style Magazine Graphic Design/Marketing intern
Designed and created social media posts, magazine layouts, 
magazine covers, and engaged in social media and with collaborators.

The Wellbeing Partners Communications intern
Designing social media posts, magazine layouts, 
and engage in social media and with collaborators.